During 2012 I was fortunate enough to work with some students from City of Bristol College (with thanks to tutor Sacha Butterworth) as part of a series of research projects. These students have been involved in various citizen media activities in collaboration with Relays at watershed.

The link above will take you to a short documentary produced by these talented young filmmakers providing an insight into the lead up to the Paralympic Games and some of the contemporary issues confronting disability sport.

The film was funded by the University of Bath as part of a broader research project on disability sport (Dr Emma Rich, Dr Michael Silk and Dr Jill Porter) and undertaken in partnership with Relays at Watershed (a huge thanks to Liz Milner) and City of Bristol College (Sacha Butterworth). Many thanks to all the students, athletes, coaches, staff at the Bath Sports Training village and to David Goldblatt for their help in making this documentary possible.

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