This Summer I will be undertaking research on social media and the Olympics as part of the #media2012 social media community: “This is founded on principles of ‘open media’ and will facilitate community legacies and build stories about London, the Nations and the Regions that reach an international audience. It will focus on reporting all non-sporting legacy stories, locating culture and art at the heart of its practice. Its work will transcend national boundaries in ways that no other Games has achieved before, by promoting peer-to-peer conversations. The intention is that this community will help to build a new media legacy for the United Kingdom, built on the idea of citizen media reporting and the recognition that the Games are more than just sports competitions. They are social movements with high humanitarian and cultural aspirations”

A proposal for the project, directed by Professor Andy Miah, is also available online here

Working with South West partners (Watershed Bristol, Liz Milner, Matthew Swindells, Journalist David Goldblatt, Richard Crowe and Alan Rogers, Weymouth College) I will be undertaking a pilot project on citizen journalism  during an Olympic Open Weekend. Young people will be reporting on the Olympic Open Weekend as citizen journalists using a variety of social media platforms. It is intended that this project will continue throughout and after games time, registering a stories which might otherwise not get told. Please do get in contact if you wish to know more about this project or wish to be involved in the South West network of #media2012. For those of you in Weymouth on the Olympic open day, we hope to have a live feed into the big screen (ici 360 immersive video arena) that day so do come along and support the project.

To follow this project, please visit the #media2012 website, twitter #media2012 or #emmarich45. We also have a facebook page


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