In September 2011 research I have undertaken with colleagues from the University of Bath (Laura De Pian) and Loughborough University (John Evans and Rachel Allwood) exploring young people’s relationships with their bodies within cultures of increased surveillance and body perfection was  the subject of an interdiscilinary art exhibition curated by Kerrie O’Connell. Amidst growing concerns about the rise in disordered eating and body dissatisfaction, the exhibition included  various art forms to explore the impact of an increased focus on weighing, measuring and the surveillance on young people’s bodies. A selection of some of this work is now being shown as part of the ‘Research Matters’  exhibition curated by the public engagement unit, University of Bath as part of  the Fringe Arts Bath Festival. The images are being exhibited on the 2nd floor of the Officer’s club on stall street.

With thanks to Kerrie O’Connell, Alexandra Unger, Marina Tsartsara, Stelios Manganis, Kamina Walton for their permission to exhibit their work as part of the Research Matters theme.

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