Over the last decade I have been interviewed/consulted by a range of media as listed below.  I am available for interviews related to a range of issues that I currently write about, teach and research, please email: E.Rich@bath.ac.uk


I am starting to explore journalism as a different way of publishing my work, writing for media outlets such as the Independent.


The Big Questions – obesity debate,  TV3 and Irish National Television – obesity debate,  RTE1 Irish National Television – obesity debate,  SKY News Ireleand – obesity debate, Channel 4 News Television Interview on the ‘Obesity epidemic’


Australian Radio – Obesity debate, BBC Radio 4 Womens Hour ‘How useful are Government measures against childhood obesity?’, BBC world service radio interview on women and sport, Leicester Sound – Discussion on Body Mass Index Measurements in schools

Newspapers (print and online)

The Times Educational Supplement ‘Stigma of Topping the Fat League’ p.2 , Loughborough Mail ‘Fears over school weigh-ins, Medindia.com – ‘Study says screening of children’s weight in schools would put them under pressure’, Guardian – Society Health Section online – ‘Warning over ‘damaging’ school weight screenings, Guardian – Education school sports section online  – ‘Warning over ‘damaging’ school weight screenings’, SCENTA – Science, engineering and technology news, ‘Weighing threat for children’ Childhood obesity measurements in schools could do more harm than good, warn researchers’, Freemarketnews.com ‘childhood obesity measurements harmful, news-medical.net ‘Childood obesity measurements could do more harm than good’,  Irish Independent – ‘Fights against the flab ‘could be worse than the flab itself’, Leicester Mercury – School stress ’link to cases of anorexia’ Times Education – ‘When Cakes are good for you’ , p.5