Over the last decade I have been interviewed/consulted by a range of media as listed below.  I am available for interviews related to a range of issues that I currently write about, teach and research, please email:


I am starting to explore journalism as a different way of publishing my work, writing for media outlets such as the Independent.


The Big Questions – obesity debate,  TV3 and Irish National Television – obesity debate,  RTE1 Irish National Television – obesity debate,  SKY News Ireleand – obesity debate, Channel 4 News Television Interview on the ‘Obesity epidemic’


Australian Radio – Obesity debate, BBC Radio 4 Womens Hour ‘How useful are Government measures against childhood obesity?’, BBC world service radio interview on women and sport, Leicester Sound – Discussion on Body Mass Index Measurements in schools

Newspapers (print and online)

The Times Educational Supplement ‘Stigma of Topping the Fat League’ p.2 , Loughborough Mail ‘Fears over school weigh-ins, – ‘Study says screening of children’s weight in schools would put them under pressure’, Guardian – Society Health Section online – ‘Warning over ‘damaging’ school weight screenings, Guardian – Education school sports section online  – ‘Warning over ‘damaging’ school weight screenings’, SCENTA – Science, engineering and technology news, ‘Weighing threat for children’ Childhood obesity measurements in schools could do more harm than good, warn researchers’, ‘childhood obesity measurements harmful, ‘Childood obesity measurements could do more harm than good’,  Irish Independent – ‘Fights against the flab ‘could be worse than the flab itself’, Leicester Mercury – School stress ’link to cases of anorexia’ Times Education – ‘When Cakes are good for you’ , p.5

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